Developer DeathMofuMofu brings us Neko Navy, a game that should satisfy every friend of felines, lover of shmups, and connoisseur of Venn diagrams. Blast off into the sky with the cat of your choice and shoot down, uh, various cute things in environments such as, eh, a hospital and a slaughterhouse. Nonsensical cuteness overload incoming!

As shmups go, this one is pretty straightforward: you have a standard shot that varies depending on which of the three available cats you pick. Killing your enemies rewards you with blue ghost cats that fill your special meter, which in turn lets you unleash a special attack once it is full. Now go forth and kill everything that flies. The game's three difficulties and online leaderboards will surely keep you busy for a while.

With its satisfyingly large sprites and pleasant, almost soothing soundtrack, Neko Navy is a joy to play. It's easily accessible. yet poses a serious challenge on the higher difficulties. And yes, there's also the fact that you're playing a flying cat who looks so incredibly chill. Damn, I want to be that cat.

You can purchase Neko Navy directly from publisher Fruitbat Factory or from Steam for $10.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow DeathMofuMofu or Fruitbat Factory on Twitter.