You'll find intense bullet hells, artistic swordplay, and sci-fi battles in this diverse collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights

Avaria Versus
Andrew Linde | PC
Set in the titular sci-fi world, Avaria combines fast-paced turn-based combat with a multiplayer-focused story and design. As you face enemies and other players, you wield powerful abilities that only can deal heavy damage and effects but also affect the player with sabotaged menus, time-consuming mini games, and other results.

Tale of Ronin
Dead Mage | PC, Mac, Linux, PS4, Xbox One
Dead Mage tackled the acrobatic unstoppable ninja in Shadow Blade, and now their new game will explore the samurai, in Tale of Ronin. Presented in a stylish ink brush aesthetic, Tale of Ronin is an RPG that follows a ronin through a land of intrigue and violence. You can engage in turn-based swordplay; die and the world continues, with you playing as a new ronin.

Phase Edge
Punk Arcade | PC, Mac, Linux
Phase Edge is shmup with a focus on dual wielding devastating energy blades alongside upgrades guns. Your blades can deflect bullets, while you explore expansive neon stages.

Little Kite
Anate Studio | PC, Mac | 2017
An expanded evolved version of an older freeware title, Little Kite tells the story of Mary and her struggles to support her son, and against her abusive husband Oliver. The game promises puzzles, exploration, and a tense mature story