After a short break last week, Screenshot Saturday Highlights are back with sci-fi worlds, a puzzle-solving duo, intense multiplayer combat, and more.

Steel Mantis | PC | 2018
From the creators of Slain, Valfaris takes that game's vibrant pixel art style and brings it into the future, dropping your heavily armed warrior into a sci-fi action platformer filled with environments to explore, weird creatures to destroy, and an arsenal of guns to wield.

Strikers Edge
FunPunch Games | PC, PS4 | 2017
Focused on online and local multiplayer, Strikers Edge pits players against each other in ranged combat. Seperated by a river, your fighters unleash spears and arrows and other projectiles across the water, deftly dodging and using special abilities at the best moment to win.

Discipline: In The Sphere
Shinyonok | PC, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android
Discipline gives you command of myriad fierce unit types to summon in turb-based combat; rather crafting your army beforehand, you dynamically summon units in the midst of battle, managing resources and abilities to overcome your opponent.

Rite of Ilk
Turtleneck Studios | PC
Two children, chained together, explore a mysterious world in Rite of Ilk, a cooperative adventure that focuses on puzzles and platforming challenges revolving around rope physics and using your linked-together fate to progress.