Something that I think most gamers want is to stand in the action - right in the thick of it. The Midnight Sanctuary lets you do just that, taking players into a VR vision of its world and story. With the use of powerful, artistic visuals and a strong voice cast (including Yu Shimamura, who some may recognize as Annie from Attack On Titan!), The Midnight Sanctuary promises to deliver an immersive story-telling experience.

In The Midnight Sanctuary, you will play as 'The Guide', a character that follows the protagonist, Hamomoru, through a secluded Christian community. The community brought Hamomoru in for the purpose of documenting their history and legends, but unfortunately, when it comes to closed, religious communities, things are rarely as simple as jotting down a few notes and leaving. A deep, dark mystery lays at the heart of the village, waiting for the players to unravel it!

The first thing I noticed about The Midnight Sanctuary was the astounding style of art and the use of textures on the 3D characters. It's a very unique look, and gives the game a very distinct style that leaves a long-lasting impression.

The Midnight Sanctuary lets the players participate in the story with the use of virtual reality. Of course, not all players have the option for VR, so the game will also feature a mode where players can enjoy the game without VR.

The Midnight Sanctuary is currently on Kickstarter trying to fund the project, and you can help by pledging for them here! For more information on The Midnight Sanctuary, check out their itch.io page and Steam page. You can also check out the developer's Twitter here!