Nour, an adorable, if kinda-aggressive, witch, has lost her spellbook while exploring a dungeon. She sort of needs it back, and so sets out to figure out where it lies in a randomly-generated dungeon filled with extremely hostile monsters that chase her harder and harder the further she gets in the depths of Witchinour.

Witchinour is a top-down shooter with an emphasis on speed, with Nour quickly flying around arenas as enemies rush her way. Nour will be able to fire back at them from any direction using her upgrade-able spells (I guess she doesn't need her spellbook THAT much), and she'll want to do this in a hurry. The monsters become more alert the deeper she gets in the dungeon, which makes them attack her even faster.

As such, it's a constant battle against the clock and her enemies' alertness, trying to kill them all before more monsters are drawn to her position that act even more hostile than the last set. If you can do this quickly, you'll calm your alertness rating a bit, but if not, expect things to get faster and harder in a hurry. Also, doing all this while dealing with random dungeon setups makes things even more challenging, promising a brutal time for something the developer jokingly calls a "cute 'em up."

Witchinour is available for $4.99 on and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Sofuto Geimu, you can follow them on YouTube and Twitter.