Demon Peak doesn't have a whole lot to say about itself on its store page. It's a sidescrolling Metroidvania with an emphasis on close-quarters combat and speed, and one where you fight some wonderfully detailed, colossal monsters that all hit like trucks. Also, you have fabulous hair.

Honestly, the monster designs alone are likely enough to draw in most. They look great in motion, and attack with a real sense of weight and power. The gothic nature of the beasts also adds some monstrous appeal, with the game doing some nice delving into other mythologies than the ones Castlevania and its ilk tend to dive into. Especially that highly-detailed giant cat from the trailer.

Demon Peak looks to offer tense combat with every monster battle, a quick little hero, gorgeous monsters, and even more gorgeous hair.

Demon Peak is available for $4.99 on Steam, with a demo available through For more information on the game and developer Kajak Games, you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.