Hyperun isn't the first game to have you drifting around tight corners, but most don't have your vehicles leaving sparks in their wake while sliding at a ninety degreee angle at 700 km/h.

Controlling your superbike through procedurally-generated tracks, every stage in Hyperun is a test of reflexes and precision timing, chaining boost pads and drifting at the perfect moments to maintain speed. Drifting in Hyperun isn't a graceful arc, but a hefty direction change around angular turns and along huge loops.

Mistime your turn or position on the track, and you'll just as likely to wipe out in a stylized explosion as you are to lose your speed through bumps and crashes. But master drifting and turns and you'll be able to reach incredible speeds that turn the track into a blur. Vehicle customization lets you mold your bike's performance while doing flips and spins mid-air build up your score to climb the leaderboards.

Hyperun is available for $9.99 on Steam and; you can find more details on the game and developer Concrete Games on their site, Twitter, and Facebook page.