Zooicide is a team-based multiplayer games that pits human against animal. Perhaps you would like to hunt the ferocious animals as the strong human - armed to the teeth with explosives and weaponry. If that option isn't for you, whip out your long tongue as a Giraffe and slap the humans across the face. Zooicide lets you gaze upon some truly feral foes.

Two modes will be offered in Zooicide - a human versus animal matchup or an animal versus animal matchup. There will be room for up to 8 players in both cases and, while humans may have some destructive items at their side (which they'll have to collect), the animals have their own moves to dish out against their enemy.

When I first saw Zooicide, I was roaring with laughter at how goofy and fun a game like this could be. After watching the short trailer, I couldn't be happier. As a large Kangaroo lead the charge with a horde of smaller, baby kangaroos following closely, they were interrupted by an abrupt explosion which brought them to an unfortunate end. This kind of wild gameplay is right up the alley of the gamers who like just a little dash of extreme goofiness.

While Zooicide does offer a dish of something new and exciting, it is in early access and players have found it a bit buggy. With a game like this, some bugs can lead to some pretty interesting moments, so I believe that those who can look past some glitches and enjoy mass destruction will definitely get some enjoyment out of it.

For more information on Zooicide, check out their Steam page! You can also follow the developer on their site or Twitter!