Fallen Legion has you leading a crew of revived heroes into frantic combat, seeking to restore your kingdom to its past glory. Unless you're playing on the Vita, in which case you're using the game's simple, single button attack/defense commands to clear out monsters to make the kingdom pay for its crimes. Seeking to tell a political story from both sides, the game promises some wild battles, with enemies and heroes attacking in a furious melee, no matter which platform you play it on.

DISCLOSURE - A colleague of mine worked on Fallen Legion in some capacity.

Whether playing as Cecille and trying to repair your kingdom, or as Legatus who is trying to take the kingdom down, you'll be using the game's intricate, yet easy-to-use, battle system. Players will bring their main hero and four Exemplars - our revived, undead heroes - into a fight, with each being assigned an attack button. Ordering them in that battle is as simple as hitting the button assigned to them, allowing you to send out a rush of warriors into the fray against enemies. While being able to button mash to have four characters stomp your enemies is fun, though, players may wish to take it easy and make sure they're watching to defend (which is also done with a button) as well.

Not that you're just beating down dragons, thieves, and sinister political figures. You'll also have to make quick decisions about the direction your campaign is taking as well. Fallen Legion will sometimes toss a moral decision your way, making you decide whether to tax your people more or less, align with certain groups, or take on some other actions to help or harm. You'll get certain bonuses depending on how you act, though, so it may not always be easy to choose what you morally want to do. Is getting a free revive worth hurting your people? Sometimes.

Fallen Legion is available for $19.99 on PS4 and Vita. For more information on the game and developer YummyYummyTummy Inc, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.