A princess has lost the five keys to her castle, and rather than lower herself to climbing in through the window or something, you can control Patrick or Patricia and take them out into the countryside to look for them in Omegaland. Expect platforming fun, treasure collecting, beating up the locals when they get in the way of your cash-collecting, using that money so you can further stomp the locals with better weapons and tools, and...oh, this is kind of depressing.

Omegaland will let you wander around its world as you see fit, exploring twenty-five levels of hopping on indigenous life forms because a royal figure can't be bothered to wear a key finder. Still, at least you're getting fabulously wealthy along the way, right? Why would these animals and key-stealing savages need their wealth for, anyway? They're not on an adventure for a princess like you are! What government assignment do they have?

From developer Jonas Kyratzes, it's an ordinary platformer about stomping on enemy heads and getting stacks of treasure! One where you invade other lands and hurt the people who live there! One where you do it for personal wealth and to assist a clumsy, lazy political figure. But hey, it's just some harmless platforming, right?


Omegaland is available for $2.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Jonas Kyratzes, you can head to the developer's site or follow them in Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.