Ili, a young woman haunted by regrets who longs for a more idyllic past, will take the player on a journey through her memories, acknowledging the player's control over her and their place in this exploration of her thoughts. In doing so, player and character join together on a colorful, otherworldly journey to make peace with her past. Or flee it.

Ili gives the young woman's memories a physical structure and colorful presence, but these worlds aren't bound by the same laws as the real world. Ili's movements through them aren't constrained by the laws of physics, letting her maneuver through these places in ways that will make the player feel like a drifting ghost. Likewise, color and physicality crumble for the environments as well, with places distorting into abstract colors and shapes, giving a sense of feeling a way through a memory rather than watching a mental recording of an event or place.

Throughout this dream-like adventure, players will chat with Ili, sharing in the strange experience of steering this woman along through her decisions and meanderings. They will share in choosing what to do about her uncomfortable past, reaching several different conclusions through the time they spend bonding with her.

Ili looks to connect with the player, rather than give them control, bringing them into the young woman's life instead of having them inhabit a role as outside force. It's a bonding experience, one that will be rich with sensation should the game meet its funding goal and release.In the meantime, you can meet Ili and start getting to know her through the game's demo.

For more information on Ili and developer Misha C, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Itch.io, Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. You can also donate to the game's development through Kickstarter.