From strange otherworldly places and deadly skies to the world of clinical logical technology, you'll find a wide variety of genres and aesthetics in this Screenshot Saturday collection.

The Lost Bear
Odd Bug Studio | PSVR
Presented on a stage in an ever-changing wilderness, The Lost Bear follows a young girl on a platforming adventure through a weird ruined world to rescue her brother from the Toy Snatcher.

Silicon Zeroes
PleasingFungus Games | PC
Inspired by SpaceChem, Silicon Zeroes is a computer-themed logic puzzler, where you use programing, nodes, and intricate systems to create circuits and control machines.

Jason Oda | PC, Xbox One | 2018
In Coma, you need to dive into your subconscious, unlocking the mysteries of your memories and dreams across procedurally generated cities and dungeons and wielding weapons against nightmarish creatures that lurk within.

Sky Knights
Hampus Bankler | PC | July 27th
4v4 dogfights erupt between rival squadrons in the online dogfighting game Sky Knights. Above low-poly landscapes, your jets unleash an arsenal of weapons and use varied upgrades and plane types to gain an advantage over your opponents.

Project Warlock
Buckshot Software | PC, Mac, Linux | Late 2017
Taking inspiration from Quake and Hexen, Project Warlock blends dark fantasy with old school shooter as you guide a mage through a relentless gauntlet armed with spells and guns.