Tourist Guide Dog. The title of this treasure of a game leaves no question as to what you'll be doing. You'll be playing as an eccentric dog, guiding the tourists to the best sights of the city (although your tastes may differ at times!). The simple look of the game masks a fun set of mechanics on how to keep both human and canine entertained and excited.

With Tourist Guide Dog, you have to take into account the entertainment and anxiousness of both the human and the dog. Some things the dog might find interesting (a pile of leaves) may not create excitement with the tourists. The tourists also have energy that can only be replenished by staying still or seeing wonderful things. So, to keep everyone happy, you have to find the sights that will please everyone without exhausting either party!

Tourist Guide Dog is a contender in the Game Maker's Toolkit Jam, so if you think it deserves some recognition, go vote for it!

For more information on Tourist Guide Dog, check out their page! You can also follow the developer on Twitter.