LUCAH is an action role-playing game where players will be put in distorted visual nightmare world filled to the brim with danger. You play as a child that has magical powers in a land where such children are seen as threats hunted down. Now, it is up to the player to keep LUCAH safe from the dangers that lurk in this dark, twisted place.

What immediately drew me to LUCAH was the art style. While it seems very simple, during combat, dazzling colors and animations fill the screen. While you're exploring, the colors are very limited, and it's interesting to see that the only times the game gives players that activity is when they are actively destroying something.

The ultimate goal of the game is to escape Corruption and seek Purification. To do this, players will use Mantras (magic attacks) that can deal light or heavy damage. Familiars will also be there for the players to use for long-range support. If you make a mistake during a fight, there is also a REWIND feature that lets you have a second chance right away. Players will have to make use of the Paradigm Shift ability as well, which allows them to switch Mantras and Familiars in a flash. Using all of these combat skills, players will definitely be enjoying a unique combat experience in LUCAH.

The story of LUCAH isn't very apparent through the trailer, and little information is available via the Kickstarter page. From what I can see, LUCAH will be a game that doesn't spell out every meaning, and that you'll have to figure out what the dark tones signify as the visuals draw you deeper into a bleak, yet sometimes colorful, landscape.

You can support LUCAH on Kickstarter here! They only have a little ways to go and you can help to contribute to their success! You can also check out the developer's and Twitter!