In Jettomero, a true test of control comes when players try to steer a giant robot who might just be a little too clumsy for its own good, even if it means well. Players will have to fight off evil that threatens the remnants of humanity, all while being careful not to destroy it themselves!

The game has a heavy focus on showcasing its beautiful art style, with environments and visuals having a very comic-book feel. Even the thoughts of the robot are presented in thought/speech bubbles to keep that aesthetic present in all forms.

In Jettomero, you play as a giant robot with good intentions - saving humanity. The character initially reminded me of the Iron Giant, but a little less elegant in its execution in saving humanity. Jettomero has that same charming personality - apologizing for every building broken and just plain trying its best. The way the character acts in just a minute of trailer makes me love it so much and want it to succeed in his mission. I'm sure a lot of players will feel the plight of the robot and want to help it see its mission through to the end!

For more information on Jettomero: Hero of the Universe, check out their website! You can also follow the developer on Twitter for developments!