Bannermen aims to please fans of classical, medieval RTS, but adds some interesting elements, such as climate effects and problems, that give it a unique personality in the genre.

Like in many RTS games, players will have to manage their territory and build up an army to progress and reclaim land. To do this, there will be various buildings available and players will have to use their resources carefully in order to build the most tactical army (especially at the start). Different types of buildings could mean training certain classes (melee, range and casters) or researching for upgrades.

Players will also have to take note of the environment they are in when they start, since climate plays a major role in the game. The climates they will have available will range from harsh winter to deserts and the happy middle ground. In some of the screenshots present on their Facebook page, there are crops shown and I can't imagine them thriving in a winter-scape.

In the units section for the game, there are different models shown to demonstrate what units you could employ, and one of them was a wolf. It didn't explicitly list 'wolf', but I would be lying if I didn't immediately imagine a wolf army in the harsher climates. How you build your army is up to you, but you have to be mindful of all the factors when facing off against an enemy - especially if you want to face off against other players in multiplayer to see who has the stronger and smarter army.

For more information on Bannermen, check out their website where you can sign up for the Beta! You can also check out their YouTube and Facebook!