Cat Quest is an open-world action RPG where your sister has been catnapped and it's up to you to take care of it with your own paws. For players who enjoy a few chuckles while hacking and slashing, Cat Quest will gently massage (with its sharp little claws) its way into your hearts.

Also, if you've ever wondered how many cat puns you can put in a game and get away with it, Cat Quest will test and push that limit.

One of the great attractions of Cat Quest is the combat style. While it's fast-paced and in real-time, the cute animations are so smooth that you'll easily get caught up in the fights and lose track of time. If that doesn't help you wile the hours away, the game's lush open world (again, filled with cat puns) allows for lots of places and bad jokes to get lost in.

You can use the rewards you reap from fighting and exploring to customize your feline friend, making sure they're up on the latest fashion standard (as well as, you know, defense). The game offers tons of different hats, suits of armor, and swords, each of which alters the stats of your feline hero so that you can enjoy a high level of customizability to cater to your play style. Personally, I look for something cute and slaughter in that.

Cuteness, bad jokes, and fluffy heroes. Cat Quest has it all.

You can purchase Cat Quest on Steam here! You can also check out the developer's site and Twitter!