Play as a bouncy pup (whether a skinny or chubby one is up to you) in search of his Granma and dungeon treasure! In Fidel Dungeon Rescue, dungeon crawler fans will be put to the test by throwing challenging puzzles into the mix. You'll have to put your brain in the thick of it while charting out the best path for the daring pup to take!

Fidel Dungeon Rescue presents itself as a cute puzzle-crawler with an adorable protagonist. At a glance, it may look too simple, but the game will pose tricky rooms to put players to the test. Right at the start, players will be given the limitation of a leash, one that can grow long over the path you take, but you cannot cross over it! This may pose as a serious problem in some levels, but if players find themselves stuck, they can simply rewind their mistakes and rethink their path.

The game presents itself in matches that last only a few minutes long at a time. This doesn't mean the game is without depth, as the developers tease that there may be many secrets lurking in the Underworld that players might miss if they rush through too hastily. And why hurry, since you can challenge yourself to defeat all the monsters, collect all the treasure, and clear the room in its entirety each time? The game certainly wants you to give it your all, and that pup is really not someone you want to disappoint.

You can purchase Fidel Dungeon Rescue on Steam now! You can also follow the developer on Twitter.