In fiction, when the aliens attack, we follow the humans under assault, our conventional weaponry and cities outmatched by technology well beyond our capabilities. Those underdog stories are often thrilling, but EXOR Studios' X-Morph: Defense isn't interested in letting you control the underdog. In this hybrid of tower defense and dual stick shooter, you control the arbiter of Earth's destruction, a powerful extraterrestrial force capable of devastating entire armies, leveling buildings, and unleashing gravity-defying weapons.

As the titular vessel, you must protect harvesters from waves of incoming human forces in cities throughout the globe, setting down turrets and energy gates to alter the path of each wave and then wiping out the land and air units with your ship's powerful weapons. While turrets can hurt enemies with artillery and flames, your ship can transform into various forms to wield different projectiles, from resource-gather black holes to rapid fire energy blasts and building slicing lasers.

The environment is as much a weapon as your turrets and guns, as you can use destruction to collapse entire buildings on top of units, set forests aflame, and collapse bridges. The destructible levels turn the defense and shooter mix into city-destroying chaos, as skyscrapers crumble like dominoes, crashing enemy ships demolish entire blocks, and forests bend against the force of explosion shockwaves.

X-Morph can be purchase for $19.99 on Steam, Playstation 4, and Xbox One.