You are at a house party. (Ugh.) You do not know anybody. (This sounds too familiar.) But there's a pupper here somewhere. (What?) A doggie! (Really?) This is not a drill. Go and find that doggo, and then Pet The Pup At The Party!

And that's what this small, free game about (social anxiety and) being the best darn dog-petter ever is all about. You race through the rooms and try to find that pup. You can also, you know, talk to people, but why would you do that? There is a dog. A DOG.

After you administered a good patting, it starts all over again, only this time there is a different, but probably also very good dog. They're all good dogs, you know, and you gotta pet 'em all.

This is a game about me. It speaks to my soul. So if you, like me, are at home in that spot on the Venn diagram where "social anxiety" meets "hell yeah, doggos", you need to Pet That Pup At The Party, too.


You can download Pet The Pup At The Party from and follow developer Will Herring on Twitter.