Impresja puts you in a striking art gallery of white halls that seemingly lead to dead end after dead end. However, rearranging the paintings on the walls and the art in the gallery changes reality around you, allowing players to manipulate the world they're standing in, reshaping color and geometry to create beautiful visions and clear paths to explore.

Impresja seems to be a series of paths with no exit, until players begin to play around with the artwork. As they do, they can see the results of moving paintings, statues, and columns in real time, creating an almost dizzying effect as players manipulate the real world while shuffling paintings and artwork around. It's quite a powerful effect to move these objects and watch the world change, both shuffling in tandem as you try to keep your bearings. As it turns out, moving an object that also changes the world creates some effects that can be hard on the head.

Impresja may throw your mind for a loop, but its use of color and shape, and of how two worlds move as one through your actions, make the game into a visually-appealing experience while also providing some puzzles that are a joy just to tinker with. Seeing everything move makes the mechanism of puzzle solving into a joy, making sure players are having fun in the manipulation as well as the solving.

Impresja is available for $3.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Adam Tarnowski, you can follow them on YouTube and IndieDB.