Saving the world is never an simple task, but Woblyware's Omega Strike makes it look easy. In this run-n-gun metroidvania, all you need is excellent agility, precise timing, a whole arsenal of weapon upgrades, and a crew of rebel heroes with a suite of special abilities.

Against an army of robots, soldiers, and oversized tanks and bosses, your trio of chunky pixel-art soldiers leap, crawl, hang, and shoot from caves to enemy bases, overcoming both waves of foes and dangerous traps. In Metal Slug fashion, you'll need to carefully position yourself to aim properly and evade all manner of projectiles, while jumping around lasers and traps between battles.

Omega Strike lets you instantly swap between your three heroes, to use their unique abilities in apt situations; your heroes will grow along with your arsenal as you explore the game's interconnected regions, unlocking fast travel spots and meeting NPCs throughout your quest.

Omega Strike is expected to release later this year on PC and Mac; you can find more information on the game through its site, and on Steam Twitter, and Facebook.