If you prefer your games fast-paced, you probably hate the 4X genre. Huge, plodding turns with micromanagement galore. Irritating long-term planning and little room for spontaneous, short and sweet gaming sessions. Thankfully, Space Tyrant offers you the best of both worlds, allowing for bite-sized bursts of galaxy subjugation.

Before we go any further, feast your eyes on this trailer:

It really manages to capture the game's pacing. Gone are the times of agonizingly slow decision making while you brood over a large galaxy map - Space Tyrant's levels are rather small and manageable and can be completed in significantly less time than you might be used to from the 4X genre.

Completing a level grants you permanent perks for all subsequent sessions, so even if you have to start from scratch every time, you gain power and additional options from your previous exploits. This is sorely needed, because as you get stronger, the opposition to your tyrannical rule grows as well. All of this keeps the game from getting stale, regularly adding new features into the mix.

Space battles are mostly automated. Two fleets face each other and try to blow their foes out of the sky. You can only interfere by activating each ship's special abilities, such as stronger attacks, boarding troops, or temporary shields. Each ability can initially only be triggered once and uses up slowly regenerating energy. However, clever use of these abilities can turn the tide of battle and makes space battles pretty engaging.


Other than that, Space Tyrant almost plays like a regular 4X game: send out your little fleets, conquer planets, develop new technologies with research points, buy new units, repeat until the whole galaxy is yours. Mwahaha. Developer Blue Wizard Digital did a great job of cutting away the 4X fat while retaining the core parts of what makes the genre fun.

Add to that a colorful presentation that pokes fun at genre conventions and you've got yourself a game that seems to do just about everything right. Being an early access title, there might be significant changes ahead, but what you're getting right now is already more than worth your time.

You can purchase Space Tyrant from Steam for $19.99. For more information, visit the game's website or follow developer Blue Wizard Digital on Facebook or Twitter.