Tinder was one of the last things I expected to show up in a video game, but Questr puts the mechanic to great use. With randomly generated adventurers that come with their own personality, you're tasked with grabbing those you like and creating a team capable of completing the quest and reaping the rewards.

In Questr, you're no doubt to find yourself on many unique adventures as the developers provide 20 different personalities that can shake up a quest. You'll have to trust your instincts as best as you can, though, because liars will disguise themselves to dip their hands in your coin purse. Perhaps you may even find yourself caught in the middle of a disagreement between party members as personalities clash!

The game has a total of nine different story paths coupled with many unique encounters along the way. Pairing these encounters with the personality feature is sure to bring about some interesting dialogue from the varying personalities, as each person handles things differently. If you want hilarious and bizarre stories full of drama and traitorous rogues, look no further than Questr. You're guaranteed at least a few hearty chuckles.

Just don't take a few bad matches personally. It's them, not you.

Questr is currently in Early Access on Steam here! You can also check out the developer's site and Twitter!