The job of a courier isn't an easy one - and even more difficult when tasked with delivering to spirits that may require some extra work to get to. In Tiny Echo, players will be in control of Emi - the courier of said letters and tasked with solving any puzzles that may get in the way of delivering messages to the spirits of the undergrowth.

Tiny Echo presents itself as an easy-going experience that players will be able to enjoy at their own pace as they appreciate the beautifully-crafted backgrounds and soundtrack. As players explore the area, they will encounter spirits that they will have to deliver messages to. Some spirits may live in areas blocked by puzzles, so players will have to solve these in order to advance and unlock new areas and characters.

Tiny Echo looks to be a storybook without words, leaving it up to players to interpret what events and actions mean in the undergrowth. The developers want players to be able to take in and enjoy all of the creative aspects of the game while playing, putting their own spin on the wordless story, so take a stroll and deliver some letters in Tiny Echo.

You can purchase Tiny Echo on Steam Here. You can also check out the developer's site and Twitter!