distrust.jpg An alien evil stalks a group of survivors in the wintry expanse of Antarctica, threatening to overwhelm their defenses as hunger and the elements wear them down. This isn't The Thing; it's Distrust, a new isometric survival game inspired by John Carpenter's sci-fi horror classic. But rather than the threat of assimilation, you'll need to fight against sleep to keep your group alive. As the storm worsens, and supplies dwindle, your crashed rescue team realizes they face a danger more insidious than slow starvation or hypothermia, but a lurking alien presence that emerge while your characters sleep. Distrust becomes a balance between exploration and scavenging, and managing each member's sanity and health as their exhaustion increases. You choose a trio of survivors from a pool of 15 for each randomized playthrough, using each person's unique skills and perks to devise strategies to avoid enemies or gather supplies. With exhaustion comes mistakes and hallucinations; surviving in Distrust, as your group deteriorates, forces you to switch between characters to compare their perspectives, to determine what is real and what is a distortion of their cracking minds. Injuries and sickness can also kill the survivors as effectively as any of the otherworldly creatures roaming outside, Distrust is available on Steam for $14.99; you can learn more about the developer through their site and Twitter page.