Deep Ones offers no friendly crustaceans under the sea, pitting a lone submarine pilot against strange underwater foes, having them shoot or slash hostile pufferfish, seahorse-riding pirates, and the colossal red octopus that destroyed their sub. Showing shades of horror, yet also a colorful beauty that comes with the Spectrum's visual style, it looks to offer arcade play in a striking, oppressive environment.

Deep Ones will have players using a spear gun and sword as they comb the ocean depths, fighting off whatever sea life is looking to give them a hard time as they seek a way to repair their sub. Doing so will take the player across underwater locales meant to convey the colorful, yet lonely and unsettling, power the ocean's deepest places can carry. Also, a little fear, as there is something very Lovecraftian about our red octopus foe.

Mixing arcade shoot 'em up action, exploration, and a touch of fearful flight (the octopus isn't too thrilled when you fix your ship), Dead Ones seeks to give players an intriguing time amidst the darkness of the deepest seas.

Deep Ones is available for $2.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer BURP! Games, you can follow them on YouTube and IndieDB.