From flirting with the Merchant in Resident Evil 4 to cozying up to refrigerators, varied visual novels have been working to satisfy every craving you might have. Snow Cones Episode 2 is no different, letting you go on a second date with your ice cream crush and enjoy a night on the town.

For those of you unfamiliar with the Snow Cones dating sim, the first episode was fairly short, but full of activities to go through with the ice cream duo. You could even go to the petting zoo and pat a human! Players will be able to enjoy the adventure for free with episode one, but in order to continue the duo in episode 2 - a small fee is required.

In episode 2, players will be able to continue the saga on date 2 with an adventure at the movies which is sure to be full of the same cute charm that episode 1 had. You'll have to dress up for your date and, as an ice cream cone, that can get pretty tricky when it comes to choosing a good topping! Perhaps you'll even get to encounter a mallow pup on your date!

If you want a little dash of cute added to your day, follow the story of the ice cream cones in Snow Cones!

You can purchase episode 2 of Snow Cones on here! You can also check out the other developer's games here!