Well...sometimes. More often than not, the fact that you have to chain together all of your robot -stomping jumps in a single combo, or that you only have about five seconds to do it without getting zapped with electricity or clobbered by a giant fist,
means taunting and a return to the start in platforming game show Fist's Elimination Tower.

A 150-story obstacle course awaits potential contestants on Fist's Elimination Challenge, presenting players with a bunch of jumping conundrums. To get to each new floor, players have to beat all of the robots on a given floor, but as soon as you stomp on one's head, the floor kinda gets electrified. So, if they wish to live, players need to link up those jumps without touching the ground. Pesky thing is, there's all of these huge fists in this tower, and they have a tendency to surge out and punch folks. Hence the title.

Still, successful players can win swell hats, which is always worth risking your life for. And besides, you get a ton of potential contestants to control while trying to tackle the tower. So, why not expose yourself to potential electrocution and crushing death for some snazzy headwear now, huh?

Fist's Elimination Tower is available for $4.99 on and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Impostor Cat Games, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.