Careful placement has always been one of the most aspects of mastering chess, and in the upcoming puzzle game Placement, it's quite literally the core of the game, taking the rules of chess and crafting tight logic-based challenges where placement of your pieces is the key to success.


Each stage is a miniature chess grid, often with marked tiles where pieces can't be placed. Your solution is bound by a single rule: pieces must be placed such that they are only protected once. Protecting your pieces in chess means using the range of a piece's move to overlap with other pieces, thus preventing your opponent from capturing.

Placement wrings tricky puzzles from that rule and varied collections of pieces; one stage may only feature a number of rooks, forcing you to consider vertical and horizontal space, while another can provide a mixed selection, where king, knight, bishop, and others must be precisely set to avoid overlapping withing the small grids.

Placement is releasing on September 26th, on Steam. You can find developer Albin Bernhardsson
on Twitter.