Ancient monstrosities, extraterrestrial hordes, demonic foes, and a whole array of equally dangerous enemies threaten to destroy you in these weekend's collection of Screenshot Saturday Highlights.

Golem Gates
Laser Guided Games | PC
Described as a blend of RTS, MOBA, and card game, Golem Gates challenges you to spawn powerful weapons and support to battle incoming waves of ancient golem warmachines. Across a campaign and multiplayer arenas, you must manage your spell cards to tactically defend and push back in the encroaching enemy.

The Universim
Crytivo Games | PC, Mac, Linux
Forget a household or city, The Universim gives you an entire planet and civilization to play god with, From Stone Age to the future, you help them thrive, survive natural disasters, or even unleash helpful miracles or wrath upon the planet's population.

Seeking Dawn
Multiverse Inc | PC
Seeking Dawn approaches the survival genre from the VR angle, setting you on an alien planet with a dangerous ecosystem as you craft, gather, build powerful weapons, and create the ultimate base to endure the planet's deadly hazards.

Nyamyam | PC, iOS | 2018
A comedic puzzle adventure game, Astrologaster has you interpreting astrological charts in 16th century London, helping your patients deal with disease, romance issues, political intrigues, and other plots and problems.

Let Them Come
Tuatara Games | PC, Mac
Let Them Come is an apt name for this sci-fi shooter, as your battle-hardened mercenary makes a last stand against hordes of pixel art alien monstrosities. Blood and viscera splatter the corridors during your desperate battles, fought wielding chainsaws, cybernetic hand cannons, black hole grenades, and all manner of guns.

Obey Me
E404 Studios | PC
As soul hunter Vanessa, you use an arsenal of guns, magic, and special abilities to wipe out a demonic infestation in Obey Me. Engaging in isometric dual stick combat, you dash, dodge, slash, and blast through supernatural foes while exploring a ruined city.