I Woke Up Next To You Again puts players in a relationship that isn't good for them. Yet everything seems to be fine! You both like each other! You both enjoy each other's company. Yet, something is off about the connection - something that becomes a need that pushes out friends, family, and all other aspects of life just to be with that one person.

I Woke Up Next To You Again offers multiple routes through the story based on what you say to the person you keep waking up next to. Based on what you choose, you'll steadily explore their connection, which seems cute at first, but as the one night stand shifts to a longer connection, the things the protagonist says become more alarming. What seems to be a romantic connection becomes a need, one that becomes toxic to them in its desperation.

Offering four different endings depending on how players express their obsession, I Woke Up Next To You Again drags players into this feeling of connection within moments using striking art for their chosen partner. The man or woman you wake up next to is cute - their smile disarming. It feels right to care for them, and yet, within moments, developer Angela He shows the dangerous need growing in the protagonist's mind. It's short, yet packs dense emotions and thoughts into a few minutes of play.

I Woke Up Next To You Again is available for free on, GameJolt, and Newgrounds. For more information on the game and developer Angela He, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter.