The life of a praying mantis may not seem like a hard one to a human, but empathize! What if the one you loved the most wanted to bite your head off? Don't Make Love puts players in the daunting position of carefully strategizing their word play in an intimate moment with their mantis partner. Use your head, or you might lose it.

This isn't your average dating sim. The biggest feature of Don't Make Love is the player's ability to craft a response to their partner, typing out whatever response they want to what they say. Assuming the role of either intimate partner, players will want to be able to convey their emotions to their partner effectively, while maintaining enough distance to make it out alive. Perhaps you want to just keep it cool on both ends, or maybe it's time to explore what happens on the dark side of the relationship. The player controls these outcomes with their responses, and the A.I. may respond in different ways.

Players will be able to detect changes in the partner's mood in more than just text alone. The soundtrack is key in this, as the music will change to suit the atmosphere. If things are peachy keen, the game is quick to communicate that with the player. If not, the music matches a more dangerous mood as well. Pairing this with the cinematic style of storytelling, and players are in for a unique experience of mantis-dating.

With tons of different paths to clear, Don't Make Love puts up a challenge for players that may seem deeper than a couple of bugs fighting instinct. Under a thin veil of insect-love, players may find themselves in extremely deep, meaningful conversations about love and necessity.

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