In GOKEN, you'll be tasked with finding the five swords that were forged by God and lost five thousand years ago in a battle. It's not an easy job, though, as you will face many enemies on the way, but some sharp-looking tattoos just might give you the power you need to survive.

GOKEN's live combat system lets you feel out how you'd like to style your experience. There will be two buttons that you can map to two different weapon types to make all sorts of deadly combos. Don't get too stuck in your ways though, because some bosses will require a certain weapon in order to defeat them.

When you gain levels in GOKEN, you'll be able to spend points in certain traits. As you spend points, you will gain tattoos, and some will only appear with certain traits leveled. These tattoos will unlock hidden specials that you can use against your enemies. This system encourages players to try different combinations and experiment to get the perfect build for their own playstyle, while also decorating themselves with body art along the way.

You can purchase GOKEN on Steam here! You can also check out the official website, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube page.