Home Sweet Home uses both atmosphere and Thai myth to set up an unsettling environment. Using stealth to avoid enemies and brains to solve puzzles, players will have little time to rest in this bone-chilling house.

In Home Sweet Home, you'll be playing as Tim, a man with a missing wife who's just woken up in a horrifying world. Players will have to guide him through it safely, using stealthy tactics to keep him from meeting a swift end at the hands of something that's lurking in the halls. There will be some puzzles present for players to stretch their brain muscles (while they aren't concentrating on what they just saw out of the corner of their eye). Players' ultimate goal will be to escape the house and, at the same time, find out the mystery of this terrifying labyrinth.

The main attraction of Home Sweet Home is the use of Thai myths. Players who are unfamiliar with these may find themselves facing more than what they bargained for - especially when the developers have made some truly eye-bulging monsters. A single ghostly woman isn't the only monster in this game, giving you a lovely lesson in mythological Thai monsters as you scream.

Home Sweet Home demonstrates the ability to create terror without shoving gore and violence down your throat 24/7. While Home Sweet Home does allow you to catch glimpses of the frights that plague the house, it instills more fear with the environments alone. Players may feel more anxious than anything while perusing the halls, constantly questioning their level of safety.

You can purchase Home Sweet Home on Steam here. For more information, you can check out their official site and YouTube channel!