The King of the Earth, that bumbling old fool, has managed to get his cosmic cookies stolen by the space baddies. Again! What is he good for? I really don't know. Looks to me like all he ever does is getting his pastries purloined, and then he wants you to bring them back. And well, that's what you do. At least you can shoot some things on the way.

The original Scoregasm was a wonderful little arena shooter that tasked you with surviving in rapidly changing playing fields while shooting all the baddies. Its levels were never just one big arena, but smaller stages that required specific strategies.

The sequel, Son of Scoregasm, doesn't deviate too much from this formula, except that everything feels... smaller? Well, certainly, considering that the game is only available on Sony's ageing PS Vita so far. It also feels tighter in its design, in its challenges, and in the margin for error that it allows you.

The levels have become shorter, but certainly not easier, requiring precise play and laser focus from you. What's more, if you want to obtain one of the coveted high score medals, you need to play tactically, using both your short-range attack (which increases your score multiplier) and your regular shots (which net you the actual points). Every stage requires a different strategy, and figuring those out feels incredibly rewarding.

So yeah, six years after the original Scoregasm we finally get to play its space-baddie-shootin', pastry-huntin' sequel. And the wait was definitely worth it! See you in 2023 for Grandson of Scoregasm.

You can purchase Son of Scoregasm's PS Vita version from your regional Playstation Network Store. A port for Windows, Macs, and penguins will be out on Steam and next month. In the meantime, you can visit the website of developer Charlie Knight or follow him on Twitter.