Fetching water may seem like an easy task when you think about just filling a jug and walking back. Unfortunately, in many parts of the world, the task is not that simple, and in puzzle platformer Ayo: A Rain Tale, the developers want players to feel the harshness of that journey. Do you think you could carry a 40lb jug of water while navigating through harsh climate and the scorching sun?

Taking on the role of Ayo, players will be set out on the journey to retrieve water for their family during a drought - a task given daily, and one that must be completed to ensure survival, whether or not the journey is entirely safe to begin with. The developers want to call this issue to attention, as it is one that exists in the world to this day.

Players will have to navigate past foes, deal with the harsh terrain, and perhaps some inner demons as well. On top of the tall order of dodging these beasts, players will also have to solve puzzles in order to clear an area. For the more curious water-bearers, there are hidden paths around for you to explore and perhaps find an easier route to take.

One of the greatest draws to the game is the environment and art. Players will be able to see the environment shift from day to night - as this journey is not a fast one. You'll be able to see creativity burst forth as the developers try to communicate the daily struggle through Ayo's journey and her confrontation of mysterious beasts.

Ayo: A Rain Tale is available on Steam here! You can also check out their official page, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube channel!