Far From Noise leaves players teetering over a cliff's edge, their rusted-out car having spun out of control and left them in this unfortunate predicament. With no hope in sight and any movement liable to send the player toppling into the abyss, all there is left is to talk, think, and take in the silent beauty of nature around them.

Far From Noise leaves the player in this near-silent, striking place, watching leaves blowing in the wind, animals passing by, and the slow passage of day into night as their car wobbles back and forth on the cliff's edge. Here, they can choose actions and dialogue options as the game's protagonist tries to talk themselves out of the situation, or speaks about their life and what lead them to this place. These will all lead to different endings as players try to embrace a certain connection with the world around them in this elongated coming to terms with death.

Far From Noise uses beautiful landscapes, personal moments, and the stillness of the world to connect the player with their own mortality and the wonderful worlds they walk past, oblivious to, every day. It's a plea to slow down, if only for a moment, and connect with the world we often rush past, as we don't know when it will all come to a sudden halt, and few of us will be given the gift of a final period of time to connect with everything we've missed.

Far From Noise is available for $9.99 on Itch.io, Steam, and PS4. For more information on the game and developer George Batchelor, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on YouTube and Twitter.