Hollowed follows a young woman, Halia, who's just lost a loved one, but is determined to bring them back. To do so, she'll need to traverse some dangerous lands with the help of a spirit aide, players using both of their powers from the same controller to guide them, all while dealing with a story of grief.

Hollowed gives players control of both the spirit, Oco, and Halia at the same time, assigning each character to the buttons on one side of the controller. In doing so, players will need to get used to controlling both characters at the same time, using Oco's powers to create light, build platforms for Halia, and teleport her through dangerous objects as players keep her moving in the right direction. Players can use these powers to find hidden paths as they're looking for the right route through each platforming level as well.

As players move closer to reviving their beloved departed, they'll explore a quiet, subdued story of Halia's grief, moving through environments and listening to music that echoes her sorrow. It's a somber, visually-striking, touching experience, and the fact that it's free is just a crime.

Hollowed is available for free on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Project Polish Productions, you can head to the developer's site or follow them on Twitter.