Eschewing complex combos and health bars, One Strike harkens back to the days of games like Bushido Blade, where a single attack separate win and loss. Timing, precision, and reflexes are your means to win in One Strike, a new pixel-art fighter out now on PC.

Choosing from six combatants, each wielding a unique weapon, One Strike pits you against a computer-controlled opponent or against a friend in local multiplayer; Katana, sai, kusarigama, and others all offer varying advantages and weaknesses, different ranges and speeds of attacks. Combine these weapons with your agility, and One Strike gives you a simple but effective moveset to engage in its brand of fighting.

A match may only last seconds, but you must be quick and precise, fast to evade and even faster to use your enemy's poor judgement as an opening to strike. One Strike tests your skills across an arcade mode, a one life gauntlet against the game's fighters, 3 vs 3 team battle, and local modes divided between one-on-on and tournament bracket.

One Strike is available for $4.99 on Steam; you can learn more about developer Retro Reacher on their Twitter and Facebook pages.