Path Out seems like a cute, somewhat silly JRPG on the surface, but takes players through a harrowing real-life event. Telling the story of Abdullah Karam, a Syrian artist who escaped from the war-torn country back in 2014, it seeks to convey the experiences the artist had on their difficult journey through a medium the artist enjoyed as a child

Path Out is an episodic adventure, telling their story through five different acts that will follow the artist from Syria to Central Europe, with this first available part covering some of Karam's childhood, the moments leading up to their decision to leave, and the dangerous journey to the Turkish border. Players will meet characters from Karam's life, live through the good and bad times leading up to the journey, and also listen to narration from Karam himself that helps complete the narrative.

Path Out's art style, which works to be in line with classic 16-bit RPGs (and Syrian artwork), looks to draw the player in with its disarming look, carrying them back to what may be a more innocent, hopeful part of their lives. It adds a delightful charm to the positive parts of Karam's journey, but also makes the more grim aspects feel even more harrowing.

Filled with humor and heart, Path Out takes a very, very difficult time in someone's life and shows the hope within it. It also costs nothing, so you have no reason not to play it.

Path Out is available for free on and Steam. For more information on the game and developer Causa Creations, you can head to the developer's site, the game's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.