Your dog has gone missing in an old factory filled with toxic waste and unsettling monsters, but there's no way you;re letting your puppy pal get hurt in there. However, rushing in quickly causes some gross, but handy, mutations, and players will have to learn to deal with their never-ending array of changing powers and shifting limbs in Freaky Awesome.

Freaky Awesome tosses the player (and possibly up to four on- or offline co-op pals) into a randomly-generated factory, having them deal with an array of sickening mutants as they look for their dog. As enemies are defeated, each leaves behind a puddle of waste that players can pick up to heal themselves. However, each one of these they touch has a chance to mutate them, giving them different powers like throwing their own head to damage enemies, or creating vicious little clones of themselves.

The challenge in Freaky Awesome comes from constantly managing a surprising array of mutations and powers, learning what to do with each one as it unlocks. Players can steadily learn how they work and build up skill over time, which will help them take down the game's colossal bosses (all of whom offer a neat power to offer the player who crawls around their oozy cast-offs). Should they die, they'll lose all progress, but players will keep unlocked skills, items, and mutations, making it a little easier for the next run. Except the game unlocks harder enemies and locations on further runs, so things may balance themselves out no matter how good the player gets at predicting their next stomach-churning power.

Freaky Awesome is available for $9.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Mandragora, you can head to the game's site, the developer's site, or follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.