A new challenge arises in Skytropolis, where players will be given the task of building a towering city that values architecture, economy, and sustainability, cobbling the various skyscrapers and buildings with their own hands through VR.

In this city-builder, you'll be given the option to create several types of structures. Players can put together either residential or commercial buildings, using these to gain revenue via rent, which you can funnel into larger, more complex buildings. As you build higher, the city will become more complex and pose new challenges to keep things exciting, though. It wouldn't be much of a challenge if you could simply recycle the same floor constantly, after all.

Want to throw all that responsibility out the window and build to your heart's desire? The sandbox mode allows you to do just that, trying different ideas, seeing what works, and applying techniques you learn there to the career mode. You could even solve a few challenges you've been stuck on and earn some new rewards.

In the VR mode, players will be able to explore their creations first-hand, or put the actual buildings together themselves, shaping their own towering structures! Players can enjoy the game in either desktop or VR setting - just don't peek out the window if you're afraid of heights. Being able to build a city is a treat, though, and watching the residents enjoy your creation even moreso.

You can purchase Skytropolis on Steam here. You can also check out the developer's site, Twitter and YouTube channel.