There's a lot to consider if you're ever alone in the woods with no idea where you are (and dealing with active volcanoes). Which direction do you go in? What do you eat? Where can you sleep? Is it safe? These questions are all answered from the viewpoint of a fawn who has to survive alone in the woods while searching for its family in Slice of Life.

Survival-adventure style game Slice of Life puts players in control of a fawn that becomes separated from its parents. Your goal is to survive alone and learn how to cope with the dangers of the forest. As a fawn with very limited defenses, you'll be pressed to find safe spots for rest while you're trying to reunite with your family. Dealing with hunger and thirst is also a priority since you'll have to find sources of food and water to keep yourself in healthy shape!

Slice of Life
presents these challenges in a beautifully rendered stage for players to enjoy. The environments are smoothly crafted, and help perpetuate a feeling of innocence in the fawn (when players aren't dealing with rivers of magma). While the forest may be full of dangers, players will still be able to appreciate its beauty while playing.

For more information about Slice of Life, check out the Steam page!