Dreamstones crams RPG elements into the traditional block-breaker to give players more than just a wall to tear down. Facing off against some tough enemies, you'll be well-equipped with the ability to attach weapons and skills to your paddle on your quest to restore a broken city!

Block breakers traditionally have one goal - break all the blocks with the balls available and you progress to the next level. Dreamstones asks players to do similar tasks, but with equippable skills and weapons that add a great deal more power to your ball-bouncing. Players will need those powers as they work through a story of revenge, as they'll be dealing with monsters alongside those brick walls.

When traversing more than 200 hand-designed levels, players will be reaping rewards in the form of tons of unlockables and growth in certain stats. You may find new gear, short-term buffs, or even discover some buildings to use in the side task of customizing your own kingdom. Don't get too caught up on all of the treasures and powers you can find, because dangerous boss fights lurk around every corner, offering far more challenge than some basic brick wall.

You can purchase Dreamstones on Steam here! You can also follow the developers on their site, Twitter or YouTube channel!