In adventure game I Fell From Grace, players will be put in the shoes of a man who's lost a lot already, but still stands to lose even more. Players will have to choose their actions wisely, treading a path that may put morals to the test. The path you walk will determine your fate, and the fate of others around you.

I Fell From Grace is set in modern day Maine and revolves around a 40 year old man named Henry. After recently experiencing a miscarriage, he discovers that his wife is terminally ill and requires thousands of dollars in medical care. The appearance of a miracle cure should mean some good news finally coming his way, but getting this cure puts him on a perilous path.

Pairing retro-style art and a solemn soundtrack, players will take control of Henry as he unravels the mystery set before him. Among the many puzzles to solve, players will be forced to make tough moral decisions that explore the lengths Henry will go through to save his wife, as well as the evil that lurks behind the miracle cure. Players will feel the pressure of making decisions quickly, and only in the end will they find out if they have found themselves at the goal or a treacherous dead end.

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