On the hardboiled streets of 1924 San Francisco, danger, suspicious characters, and mystery lurk, and in minimalist narrative adventure A Case of Distrust, private detective Phyllis Cadence Malone has to navigate this sprawling city of lies, misdeeds, and secrets to uncover a dark truth.

Armed with only clever deductions and astute eye, Malone moves through this vibrant, minimalist, and historical representation of the era's San Francisco, from seedy speakeasies to barbershops, collecting evidence and dealing with both lying suspects and 1920s social issues that impede her investigation.

Stylish screen transistions and colorful art gives A Case of Distrust a unique aesthetic compared to the typical detective noir tone, as you question people of interests and make decisions that mold the narrative.

A Case of Distrust is available to wishlist on Steam, and you can follow the game and developer Ben Wander on Twitter and TIGSource.