Storyseeker sends players out into a wide, ever-changing world filled with stories for the curious to discover, letting them follow up on whatever tale they wish to learn more about. Through this free exploration, they can learn more about the vibrant world around them and the people (or weasels, or ghosts, or giants) within it

Storyseeker lets the player freely roam through its lands, giving them many different people, animals, and creatures to talk to. Each offers a little bit of information on their lives or the state of the world, and through gathering as many stories as they can, players can get an idea on the larger picture of this place and the people who live in it. While doing so, they'll also explore some wild, colorful landscapes and head out into the pretty waters surrounding it, giving players some soothing places to meander (a nice thing for when it's a cold winter's day in the real world).

Storyseeker is a calming, intriguing walk, one best gone on without knowing what you'll find. So, since it's free, hop to it!

Storyseeker is available for free on For more information on the game and developer Miles Aijala, you can head to the game's site or follow them on Tumblr, YouTube, and Twitter.