The Line is about trying to stand out in a long line for resettlement, somewhat like mixing waiting at the DMV with turn-based battles with the other shmucks waiting alongside you. Except the other people sometimes mutate in very unsettling ways, and the line leads to a resettlement project that seems to have something very wrong with it.

So kinda like waiting at the DMV (laugh track).

Angelina is looking into the nature of the resettlement, being part of a group that feels there's likely something wrong with it. To find out what's going on with it, Angelina, along with her mutant dog Fin, find a place in line and start working their way to the front, meaning to see what's going on first-hand.

That could be a slow process, but Angelina has a few tricks that will move her up in the queue. She can fight the people in line using an array of special moves, forcing her way to the front, or she can try to use mental weaknesses on each person ahead of her to get them out of the way. She can also trade items with people in order to claim their spots. It's up to the player whether they want to hurt the people ahead of them or not, but either way, she needs to move up the line.

Moving up only makes things stranger in The Line. It doesn't take long for odd tentacles, bizarre visions, and creeping creatures begin to appear, with players moving deeper into a disturbing hellscape as they progress. It creates a slow dread as players move forward into it, and the same dizzying sense that a nightmare is slowly spinning out of control.

Kind of like the DMV (laugh track goes wild).

The Line is available for $4.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and developer Marginal Act, you can follow them on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter.