Alma tasks players with guiding Alma, a dead soul, through the eight levels of the Aztec underworld, Mictlan. Should they succeed in leaping through the lethal mechanisms and natural hazards that litter a land inspired by Mexican folk art, they will finally help her find peace.

Each of the game's eight stages corresponds to a different level of the Aztec underworld, taking players on a journey through Aztec lore as they make their way through various platforming challenges. While these will keep players busy, they may want to stop and enjoy the game's colorful visual style, as each location is a treat to look at. The Mexican art style is a delight for the eyes even as you're sending poor Alma into another pit or getting her crushed in machines, creating a soothing experience even as you struggle to keep from falling.

Alma is available for $1.99 on Steam. For more information on the game and Turquesa Studios, you can follow them on YouTube.